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Mustang Region

 The Mustang region is known as the "mountain in the desert" yet humans have lived in this hostile environment for centuries. They have built their settlements along rivers and creeks, the villages of whitewashed houses appear like oases in this huge semi-arid desert. People work as farmers on their fields, sowing and harvesting barley and potatoes, and driving cattle to relatively fertile meadows. Lo Gekar is the oldest monastery in Mustang. High up in vertical cliffs are inaccessible caves where people dwelled two thousand years ago. Much later the region came under the influence of the Tibetan Yarlung dynasty. In the 15th century the independent kingdom of Lo was founded by Amepal, whose invitation of the famous Buddhist scholar Ngorchen Künga Zangpo led to a cultural zenith never to be reached again in the following centuries. It was probably thanks to its remoteness that even in later times of conquest Mustang was granted a large autonomy. The destruction of their culture and religion has thus far been averted but the encroachment of Hindu culture and tourism are definitely a threat these days.

Lo Manthang, is the capital of the former kingdom. Only in 1950 was it officially declared part of Nepal. The years following the Chinese invasion of Tibet proved to be some of the most difficult ones in Mustang’s history. Large numbers of Tibetan freedom fighters set up their camps there and attacked the nearby Chinese troops, putting Nepal in a delicate situation. In the 1970s the Dalai Lama asked the guerillas to stop their fighting, the Nepalese government arrested and sentenced some of the leaders. It takes some effort to discover the scenic and cultural beauties and mysteries of such an area. One route is to follow the Kali Gandaki from Jomosom northwards for two days, then taking the west route to the capital Lo Manthang and from there back to Jomosom over the holy site of Muktinath. 

Feature Trips

Mustang best trekking (17 days)

High Altitude: 4100 meters

Region: Mustang Region

Group Size: For 2-15 pax

Package Cost: $ 000

North of the Annapurnas and off-limits to travellers until the early ‘90s, the ancient and mys...

Upper Mustang and Saribung Peak (24 days)

High Altitude: 6345 meters

Region: Mustang Region

Group Size: For 2-12 pax

Package Cost: $ 000

Upper Mustang is quite simply the most gorgeous scenery in Nepal, comparable with the best in the wo...