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    "Him Ganga treks and expeditions helped me fulfill a life-long dream of trekking the Annapurna Circuit. From pre-trip pl [More]

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     Maria José Hidalgo Gómez Namaste! Annapurna Circuit with Him Ganga Treks and Expedition is the best [More]

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    " Merci beaucoup Dorchi pour ce formidable trek de 20 jours du " camp de base de l'Everest et du Lac Gokyo " [More]


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Travel to Tibet with Him ganga Treks,is to walk on the highest inhabited plateaus in the world at 4900 meters of altitude with a mean of omnipresent Buddhist religion. Trekking is also a cultural experience like during our trek to the sacred paths of Mount Kailash. Walking from village to monasteries following the pilgrims seeking purification. In the grasslands of Gangtsa (3200 m), you go on an adventure in the high pastures, with nomads who welcome you to share their traditions and lifestyles. walking,Hiking,Trekking trip in the unspoilt land of Tibet permits to open up to an ancient culture. And back to basics.

In Tibet, there sometimes seems to be more in heaven than on earth. The immensity encourages contemplation and provides a multitude of great treks. Trekking on the high peaks such as Mount Kailash or Drives pilgrims to the monasteries, Tibet has for days trek with H.G.T. The roads are long, difficult, altitude brings its share of vertigo. But a trip to Tibet does he deserve it?



Nepal with 1310 identified Himalayan peaks over 6000m including 8 out of 14 highest peaks in the world is unquestionably a premier mountaineering and climbing destination. Every year hundreds of climbers fullfi...


Few would disagree that the Himalayan mountain regions of Nepal contain some of the best places in the world to go trekking. Largely inaccessible by road, combined with the well-worn foot tracks developed betwe...

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Nepal is land locked nations, nestle in the laps of the Himalayas, between India and China. Though small in area there is a great range of diversity geographically, in flora & fauna and a variety of ethnic ...