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    "Him Ganga treks and expeditions helped me fulfill a life-long dream of trekking the Annapurna Circuit. From pre-trip pl [More]

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Welcome Message

Heartily welcome to Nepal. Nepal is naturally beautiful with 1310 mountains above 6000 meters and dozen of mountains above 8000 meters.
Welcome to Him Ganga Treks and Expedition(Pvt) Ltd
It is owned company of Sherpa it is located in Kathmandu.We conduct adventure trekking,mountaineering and tour travel in Nepal,Bhutan,Tibet and India.
Nepal is most beautiful Country for trekking to see Himalaya and it's beauty.
Him Ganga Treks and Expedition(Pvt) Ltd is registered with Nepal Government NTB,TAAN and NMA.
22 years of experience in tourism for trekking, mountaineering expedition and tour.
We focus on small group, give them quality service,safety and fair trade business that make your journey to Nepal an unforgettable experience.

Endowed with natural beauty, unique cultural heritage, glorious history of valour and a friendly smiling people who regard guests as deities, Nepal is much suited to be a popular tourist destination.

Nepal is a Himalayan country. It has an area of 1, 47,181 square kilometers and population of about 27 million. It is about 800 kilometers in length and 180 to 220 kilometers in breadth. It offers an astonishing topographical variation with its altitude ranging from 70 meters to 8848 meters. Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. For its natural beauty, Nepal is a paradise on earth.
The country is unique tourist destination with a cultural mosaic of more than 126 ethnic group speaking 123 languages. Whoever visit Nepal falls in love with its beauty and comes back again and again. This beautiful country has the largest concentration of Buddhist icons and shrines. Nepal is known as the abodes of multitude of Gods and Goddess, an anthropological treasure land, the birth place of Apostle of Peace-Lord Buddha, the birth place of Janaki (wife of Lord Rama), the city of golden pagodas and parasols, the country of hidden valleys and crystal mountains, the country of Tharus wearing richest tribal jewelry comprising 32 items weighing seven kilograms, ecologist dreamland, the Glory of Asia’s past, the land of 1047 Lamastries and Monasteries, the land of brave Gorkhas, the land of eight-thousanders, the land of the Living Goddess, the land of Yak and Yeti, living cultural museum of the world, the melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism and a natures Amphitheatre. This country is also known as the only cherry that flowers in winter, the only country practicing Mahayana/Bajrayana Tantrik Buddhism, and the only country still practicing Bonpo-Pre Buddhistic Spritism. With Himalaya, the Roof of the world, in the north, Nepal is an ultimate destination of mysticism and exoticism – a Shangrila and a wonderland. This is the country with as many houses so many temples, as many peoples so many gods and as many days of the year so many festival. This is the only country where 94 plants called Nepalence are available.
The Nepal Himalaya is in the Centre of the Himalayan range. Eight peaks that exceed 8000 meters including the world’s highest peak Mt.Everest are the prominent members of Nepal Himalaya. It has a convergence of 1310 magnificent peak over 6000 meters. Nepal has become famous throughout the world due to these mountains.